Climate Solutions is here for all your indoor climate needs:

At Climate Solutions our goal is to provide services to maintain your current heating and cooling system to ensure the highest energy efficiency in your home, and now your office.


Although it works behind the scenes, your heating and air conditioning system plays a vital role in how much you enjoy your time at home. It can affect how you feel, your family's health, noise levels in your home, and of course, your energy costs; in fact a poorly maintained heating system could cost you up to 40 percent more!

Our job is to help maintain your system so it best fits the needs of your family and your home. Our certified technicians will inspect, clean, lubricate, and adjust your system on an automatic predetermined schedule. They will then explain all of your options and familiarize you with the equipment. In short, we will help you maximize your comfort and minimize your utility bills.


Climate Solutions certified technicians are able to meet your commercial heating and cooling needs and we pride ourselves on finding the right solutions to for your office or shop, by offering free estimates on system upgrades or new installs.

We offer a variety of custom design heating and cooling system to best meet your needs. With our expertise we give you the flexibility and choices you need in today’s market such as ductless heating and cooling units for individual office spaces that allows custom climate control.

Air Cooling Systems:

  • R-410A Refrigerant
  • Cooling/Gas Heating Units (Natural Gas or Propane)
  • Low Profile
  • Quiet Operation
  • Common Footprint
  • Optional Slide in Motorized Dampers
  • Optional Slide in Economizers
  • Optional High Altitude Conversion Kit (Natural Gas/Propane)
  • Optional Low NOx Kit
  • Bottom and Side Utility Connections
  • 1" or 2" Cleanable Filters  Standard on all 3Ø Models. Optional on 1Ø Models.

Heat Pump Systems:

  • All model sizes share a common, compact design cabinet in a single footprint for on-site flexibility.
  • Installation time and costs are reduced by easy power and control wiring.
  • All units are factory wired, charged with R-410a, and tested prior to shipment.
  • Electric utility knockouts are provided on unit side and bottom for easy connections.
  • Convertible airflow design means no panel cutting is required, and no accessory panel is necessary.
  • Condensate pan is non-corrosive, long-lasting, and watertight.
  • Condensate drain is heavy-duty.
  • Durable finish, made of powder-painted, galvanized steel to meet 1000-hour salt-spray test demands.
  • Full-perimeter base rails are easily removable, yet provide a solid unit foundation.
  • Top discharge allows warm air to be blown up away from the structure and landscaping.
  • Engineered and built to be among the quietest.
  • Compressor is internally protected against high pressure and temperature.
  • Grooved copper tubes and enhanced aluminum fin construction improve heat transfer.
  • Permanently lubricated condenser and evaporator fan motor bearings need no annual maintenance.
  • Secured service access ports are protected, externally mounted, and re-usable on both high and low lines.
  • Easy service access via a large single panel covering the electrical controls.                                                             

Ductless Systems:

  • Reaches your desired temperatures faster
  • Maintains temperatures more accurately and reduce energy costs
  • Inverter technology allows Friedrich ductless split systems to adjust capacity and cooling output to match demand so efficiency is maximized
  • System has flexibility and efficiency. For example, an 18,000 BTU/h system will operate even more efficiently as a 15,000 BTU/h unit if that is all that’s needed
  • Perfect for IT applications

Commercial ACA:

We now offer ACA Commercial Agreements. What is an ACA Commercial Agreement?
ACA Commercial Agreement is a 1 year contract with VIP service.

Call us today for a free quote to upgrade your existing heating and cooling system or to custom design a new heating and cooling system for your new office or shop.

Having a properly maintained heating and cooling system allows your company to save money by using less energy and to focus on what is important, your customers.

Assured Comfort Agreement

The Assured Comfort Agreement provides you with the following benefits:

    • Means quicker response time in the event you should require emergency service. PLUS 10% off all parts.
    • We schedule your quarterly maintenance at your convenience, so you can forget it because we won't.
    • Properly maintained equipment lives longer, meaning reduced replacements costs.

Nate, Master HVAC Technician, Licensed, Bonded and Insured at 307-660-4769.