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Job Based Pricing

When our professional service technician knocks on your door, many costs have been incurred just to get him there, ready to do the job.

Marketing and Advertising Marketing / Advertising
Web Presence and Social Media Web Presence & Social Media
Customer Service Staff Customer Service Staff
Management Staff Management Staff
Quality Control Quality Control
Utilities and Operation Expenses Utilities & Operation Expenses
Technician Training Technician Training
Tools and Safety Gear Tools and Safety Gear
Delivery / Freight Charges Delivery / Freight Charges
Taxes Taxes
Inventory Inventory
Shop & Warehouse Rent Shop & Warehouse Rent
Credit Card Fees Credit Card Fees
Business & Professional Expenses Business & Professional Expenses

Service Charges are not based solely by the amount time our professional spends in your home.

When our Service Professional arrives at your home, it takes many important decisions, and costs to get our vehicle and materials on site to complete the job to your satisfaction. Consider that the professional at your home has undergone many hours of initial training, as well as a variety of on-going training and study programs to keep up-to-date with current technology.

At Climate Solutions, we take great pride in providing the most up-to-date training to our professionals, so you can have peace of mind that the work was performed well, and to your satisfaction.

Like a doctor, who has an office, a staff, and the need to keep updated on the latest practices in medicine, we too have these hidden costs associated with keeping our Service Professional in peak condition, to Service your home at the highest level.

So, when you see your Service Professional at work,  please understand there is much more that goes into performing the work professionally, so you remain a loyal, and valued customer of Climate Solutions.