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Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers in Gillette, WY

Humidity can be either a bane or a boon to your comfort. This is why it is ideal to find a way to balance the level of humidity in your house throughout the year, rather than completely wiping it out. Contrary to what some might think, there is an ideal level of humidity: between 30% and 50%. With our help, you can achieve that balanced range of humidity.

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From humidifier installation and repair, to dehumidifier installation and repair, you can always rely on Climate Solutions, Inc. to help you achieve the best comfort level possible. We work with the best brands like Aprilaire and Honeywell. We like both of these brands whole-home humidifiers because they’re impeccable when it comes to humidity balance, efficient, and keep your water usage to a minimum. Aprilaire humidifiers can help you maintain optimal humidity in your home by 30% to 60%. This has been shown to reduce the incidence of respiratory infections and symptoms related to allergies and asthma. This is possible through the reduction of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and dust mites. In addition, you'll feel more comfortable. A humidifier also preserving items in your home susceptible to damage from changing due to wet or dry air. 


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Humidifier Installation

We believe in working with great quality systems. That is why we install Aprilaire whole-home humidifiers and Honeywell whole-home humidifiers. With professional humidifier installation services, you can rely on these systems to keep your home’s air perfectly balanced, allowing you to avoid the discomfort of dry air.

Humidifier Repair

Are you noticing that the air in your home is getting too dry? Maybe your skin is getting drier and you’ve noticed an increase in the dust in the house. These may signal a need for humidifier repair. Climate Solutions, Inc. provides both humidifier maintenance and repairs services in Gillette, WY. We also provide humidifier replacement when your system reaches the end of its service lifespan.

Dehumidifier Installation

High humidity can make it impossible to get comfortable during the summer. We offer whole-house dehumidifier installation to residents in and around Gillette, WY. Our expert installations ensure that you will get the maximum number of years from this system before requiring a dehumidifier replacement.

Dehumidifier Repair

Even with regular dehumidifier maintenance, you will eventually need someone to perform a dehumidifier repair. Climate Solutions, Inc. is here to provide this service when you need it. With us, your satisfaction is guaranteed.