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Commercial Air Conditioning Services in Gillette, WY

A space that is too hot is going to hinder workflow, increase tempers, and decrease appetites. This is bad news for all kinds of commercial businesses, but it is something we can help prevent. With Climate Solutions, Inc. you can ensure that your commercial space stays cool all summer long.

  • We have over 20 years of experience as a team.
  • We are a family-run business.
  • We are always honest and reliable.

We can provide commercial air conditioning installation, commercial air conditioning repair, commercial maintenance, and more.

The trusted source for all your commercial HVAC needs! Contact us to schedule your commercial AC services!


Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

Commercial air conditioners are highly important to your business. When you need a new commercial or industrial air conditioner, your best choice is to start things off with a professional installation. Our technicians are ready to help you select the best system for your business that is sized for the space you need to cool. After fast and prompt instalaltion has been completed, you’ll be back in business. 

Commercial Air Conditioning Replacement

Even a commercial air conditioner has a limit to how long it will run efficiently. We provide commercial air conditioning replacement for the day when your industrial system is ready to give up. Don’t worry, we replace many types of commercial AC systems throughout Gillette, WY.

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

We provide commercial air conditioning maintenance to help keep your air conditioner running effectively and efficiently. When that isn’t enough, Climate Solutions, Inc. also provides commercial air conditioning repair services to get your system working right again.