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Gillette, WY Radiant Heating Systems

A properly installed and maintained radiant heating system can keep you warm all winter. These systems are great for powerful heating throughout even the coldest season in Gillette, WY. Our team can provide the services you need to ensure you can rely on your radiant heater no matter what. Climate Solutions, Inc. always provides quality workmanship.

  • We guarantee your 100% satisfaction.
  • We’ve been family-run since 2009.
  • Our team is always honest and reliable.

Whether you are installing a radiant heater for the first time or you need someone to help with your radiant heating repair services, you can turn to us. We specialize in work with tube heaters.

Contact us to learn more. We are the trusted resource for all your heating and cooling needs!


Radiant Heating Installation

Radiant heaters use heated water, steam, electricity, or even gas to do their job. By circulating these substances through things like tube heaters, radiant heating units allow heat to spread through the home. This is different from a furnace or heat pump that simply blows hot air into the house. Consider a radiant heating installation if you are looking for powerful and encompassing warmth this winter. 

Radiant Heating Replacement

You can depend on a radiant heater for a good long while, especially if you get regular radiant heating maintenance. But no heating system lasts forever. When your radiant heater becomes too old and broken down to go on, reach out to Climate Solutions, Inc. to schedule radiant heating replacement service.

Radiant Heating Repair

Is your radiant heater making strange noises? Maybe you’ve noticed certain rooms are colder than the others? These are all indicators that you need to schedule a radiant heating repair in Gillette, WY. When you work with us, your satisfaction is guaranteed.