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Assured Comfort Agreement 

A maintenance membership that offers peace of mind, savings and more!

Membership Overview

Peace of Mind, Savings and More!

Neglect, dirt and build up are the main factors that lead to a furnace or air conditioner failure. With proper cleaning and maintenance of your system you can prevent system problems and unwanted costs.

Knowing that your system is being maintained by a certified professional brings peace of mind, reduces energy bills, and increases your systems life span. 

We know, life gets busy and we’re here to help.  Sign up today and have one less thing to worry about.

Benefits & Features

Membership Overview

  • 2 Year contract

  • Bi-Annual Maintenance / Service

  • 10 Point Inspection on Furnace and / or Air Conditioner

  • Free Standard Size Filter Replacement

  • Automated Scheduling

  • Added Benefits

  • Should you need service outside of your bi-annual maintenance your membership includes these additional benefits:

  • $45 Service Call Diagnostic Fee (regularly $65 - $95)

  • Top Priority Scheduling

  • 15% Parts Discount on Service Call Repair

  • 10 Year Part Replacement Warranty*

  • Assured Comfort

  • When you’re a member of our ACA maintenance program we warranty any part we replace for 10 years*. Now that’s peace of mind!

*warranty is only valid with active membership

10 Point Inspection Includes

  • Replace all indoor air filters with extended surface filters.

  • Check refrigerant pressures.

  • Clean all indoor blower assemblies as needed.

  • Check all voltage and amp draw on all components.

  • Lubricate all motors and bearings as needed.

  • Replace necessary belts.

  • Check and clean all condensate drains and piping.

  • Check all electrical controls and insure that they are in good working order.  Any components that need to be replaced will be billed separately from this agreement.

  • Cleaning of all coils (indoor and outdoor) as needed.

  • Check heating operation including ignition sequence, safety controls, pilot performance, and burner operation.

ACA Membership Registration

To start saving and become a member of our ACA membership, please take the time to fill out the information below.

**All completed forms are a binding contract, effective for 2 years from date of submission**