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Why Central ACs are Tried and True Systems

Most homes come standard with a central air conditioner. Even though there are a variety of heating and cooling options available, a central air conditioner really is the gold standard. If you want to learn more about why central air conditioners are so popular, you can keep reading to learn more. 

Then, when you’re ready for a new unit you can give our team a call for central air installation in Campbell County, WY. We can help you choose the best central AC for your home and family, starting with an in-home assessment to go over your options with you.

Easy Installation 

Chances are your home already has a central air conditioner installed. If this is the case, replacing it with a newer version is the easiest possible installation scenario. Replacing your central air conditioner with a different type of AC unit means that we have to change out and rearrange connections within your home. 

Improved Technology

Although central air conditioners get a bad rap for being less energy efficient, that actually doesn’t have anything to do with your central air conditioner at all. Plus, technology has grown leaps and bounds in recent years and you can now get highly energy-efficient central air conditioners that can lower your energy costs significantly.

Your concerns should actually lie in your ductwork. The cool air produced by your central air conditioner has to channel through your network of ducts to reach your home. If these ducts are in poor shape or not properly laid out, air may not distribute evenly through your home, resulting in hot and cold spots in various rooms.

In addition to that, ductwork material is fragile and is prone to getting holes and leaks at connection points. You can overcome these challenges by having regular ductwork inspections each year when you schedule your air conditioning maintenance appointments. 

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency in central air conditioners is important for a few key reasons. The first is the obvious: you save on your monthly energy bills. But energy efficiency also impacts your air conditioner itself. A more efficient central air conditioner will take on less wear and tear.

This reduces the chance of repairs and also extends its lifespan. If you’re concerned about being eco-friendly, highly energy-efficient central air conditioners also reduce the impact on the environment. Although electricity does produce carbon dioxide, by using less energy, your central air conditioner is also reducing this carbon footprint.

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