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How to Tell Your Thermostat Is Causing Trouble

Monday, February 28th, 2022

Have you ever played a video game and had your controller start malfunctioning? You try to make your character jump and instead they run right into a pit! Having a faulty thermostat is something like that albeit less dangerous. You want to heat up the home without a high bill but instead, find the house is still chilly while your bills are higher than normal!

Having trouble with any part of your heating system can be bothersome and expensive. This is why we encourage you to address issues sooner than later as it will allow you to prevent money lost on increased energy bills. The key is figuring out what the source of your comfort trouble is.

Here are some of the indicators that will tell you if your thermostat is the part of your heating system that is creating trouble.

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Improve Your Comfort With an Upgraded Thermostat

Monday, October 11th, 2021

If your heater is the body of your HVAC system, then your thermostat is the brain. And without the brain, the body can’t really do much of anything!

An effective and reliable thermostat is necessary for getting the most from your heating system. And trust us when we say that any inadequacies with your thermostat that you are noticing now will become far more apparent as the months go on and the temperatures drop even further.

If you have a thermostat that is not operating properly it means it is time to invest in an upgrade. Let’s look at what the signs are that an upgrade is needed and what your options are for your next thermostat in Gillette, WY.

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