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The Problem With a Condensate Drain Clog

Monday, August 1st, 2022

There are so many moving parts in your air conditioner that sometimes it is easy to forget some of the ones that work by just being there. A prime example of this is your air filter, which sits in your return air duct and prevents debris from entering your system. It doesn’t move or make noise but that filter can provide a huge amount of assistance to your AC unit as long as you continue to take care of it.

There is another aspect of your air conditioner that you need to keep tabs on–the condensate drain. This handles the moisture that is condensed during the cooling process. Not sure how this works or why it is important to keep your condensate drain in good condition? We’ve got the information you need here along with the services to keep your system running properly (even the parts that don’t run!)

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Which Sounds Are A Problem With Your AC?

Monday, July 18th, 2022

What’s that sound?

That hissing may be coming from the blow-up pool in the backyard and maybe that clatter is the sound of ice tumbling into a glass cup. But what if these somewhat simple sources aren’t the source of the noise?

All too often, people hear an odd noise from their air conditioner and pay it less attention than it deserves. Unfortunately, this puts them at risk of allowing a problem in their AC system to develop into a bigger issue. Don’t ignore the noise! When something sounds off with your air conditioner, it means it is time to schedule an AC repair in Sundance, WY to address it.

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