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The Problem With a Condensate Drain Clog

Monday, August 1st, 2022

There are so many moving parts in your air conditioner that sometimes it is easy to forget some of the ones that work by just being there. A prime example of this is your air filter, which sits in your return air duct and prevents debris from entering your system. It doesn’t move or make noise but that filter can provide a huge amount of assistance to your AC unit as long as you continue to take care of it.

There is another aspect of your air conditioner that you need to keep tabs on–the condensate drain. This handles the moisture that is condensed during the cooling process. Not sure how this works or why it is important to keep your condensate drain in good condition? We’ve got the information you need here along with the services to keep your system running properly (even the parts that don’t run!)

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The Importance of Healthy Ductwork

Monday, April 25th, 2022

Imagine what would happen if all the highways across the country were filled with potholes or other issues that made them nearly unusable. It would make it incredibly hard to get food and supplies to where they needed to be. This is kind of like what happens when you ask your HVAC system to provide comfort for your home but pair it with leaky, poor-quality ductwork.

Ductwork that is healthy and in good condition is vital to the use of your air conditioner and your heater. That is why investing in the quality of your ductwork is something that pays off throughout the entire year. Let’s look at why and when you should schedule an HVAC service in Newcastle, WY to address issues in your ductwork.

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