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3 Quiet Signs of Heat Pump Problems

Heat pump problems are common, especially as we head into summer and temperatures heat up even more. Your unit faces additional strain as it tries to cool your home down against the heat. You can keep reading to learn more about three of the quieter signs that can indicate your heat pump needs some TLC.

After all, the signs of heat pump problems are not always loud or obvious. Sometimes you have to pay attention to smaller indications to stay ahead of the worsening heat pump problems. When you’re ready, give our team a call for heat pump repair in Campbell County, WY.

Lack of Cooling

One major red flag to watch for is your heat pump not producing enough cool air. We’re focusing on cooling since we are heading into the summer months when temperatures are warmer and your heat pump is being used for air conditioning. It is important to keep in mind that the same thing applies to heating in the winter.

A lack of cooling from your heat pump can point to a refrigerant leak. If there isn’t enough refrigerant in the lines to absorb heat and move it outside to cool down the air, the airflow to air vents will be lukewarm at best. You should still feel a good stream of airflow coming out, it just won’t be cold enough to lower the indoor air temperature.

High Energy Costs

You may also notice your energy costs creeping up if your heat pump has an unidentified problem. Before heat pump problems make noises or produce other obvious signs that something is wrong, they are quiet. The only sign you may notice is your energy costs creeping up as your heat pump works against some sort of inefficiency.

Energy bills can go up slowly over time or they can jump up all at once from one month to another. It is important to pay attention to energy cost changes, especially if you are not making significant adjustments to your thermostat settings. It’s normal to see some fluctuations, but your energy costs should never go up, up, up without ceasing or jump up all at once without an explanation.

Bad Smells

If you suspect that any bad odors in your home are originating from your air conditioner, that is a red flag for heat pump problems. Bad odors usually fall into one of three categories. The first is a burning smell that points to exactly what you would expect, something inside of the unit burning up or overheating. This could be a problem with electrical wires, or with a component that is burning out.

Another bad odor would be a sweet or chemical-like smell that points to a refrigerant leak. Refrigerant leaks are dangerous and also greatly impact how well your heat pump is able to cool or heat your home. A refrigerant leak in the lines could pose hazards for your health and home. 

At the same time, there isn’t enough of a charge to absorb heat and either transfer it away from your home to cool air or bring it into your home to increase the temperature. As a result, your unit will work harder and harder against the lack of efficiency. 

Musty, moldy, or damp odors can mean that moisture is building up somewhere inside of your heat pump. If mold is not already growing, it could develop sooner rather than later. Whatever is causing moisture to build up inside of your system needs to be addressed to prevent a mold infestation from spreading throughout your entire home.

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