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Care Tips for Your Ductless Mini Split

Did you know that ductless mini splits require specialized care that is different from how you care for other types of HVAC systems? And in fact, maintenance for a ductless mini split is increasingly important because of how small and compact the units are.

Aside from scheduling professional ductless maintenance in Campbell County, WY twice each year, there are also steps that you need to complete monthly as a homeowner. You can keep reading to learn more about how to take care of your ductless mini split units so they can work effectively and efficiently to condition your home.

Clean the Filters

Cleaning the air filters for your ductless model is a little different than managing air filters for a large central unit. Ductless mini splits have reusable filters instead of filters that you throw away and replace. Plus, each individual ductless mini split in your home has its own filter that needs to be cleaned. 

This means you need to remove all of the filters in your ductless mini split unit at least once a month to clean them out, allow them to dry, and then put them in place again. Remember, when you remove the filter it is important to turn off your ductless mini split so it does not continue operating without a filter inside.

Wipe Down the Unit

It’s also a good idea to wipe down each of your ductless mini splits once a week to keep dust buildup to a minimum. After all, dust particles building up on the outside casing can make it easier for those particles to get inside the unit as airflow is moving around. Making a habit of wiping down the units goes a long way toward preventing dust buildup on the inside.

Clean the Condensate Drain Lines

The condensate drain lines inside each mini split unit are even smaller than those in a central unit. Cleaning out the lines with a little vinegar each month on time is important. Clogs develop faster in these smaller lines when mold grows. 

When you pour the vinegar in each line, let it sit for about 30 minutes before turning the unit back on again. This allows the vinegar time to break down mold spores and rinse them away before the line gets more moisture during the next cooling cycle. 

Remember the Outdoor Unit

Even with smaller indoor ductless units, there is still a large outdoor unit. It requires the same care and attention that you would give to a central AC. Check the outdoor unit for dirt buildup and debris. This is especially important when it hasn’t rained recently. Rain can help to rinse away dirt buildup, but you can also use a water hose set to a gentle pressure. 

Take time to inspect the fins of the AC to see if any are bent or out of place. Use a butter knife to gently straighten them out if so. You can also remove leaves and twigs that get stuck in between the fins. Keeping up with care for your outdoor unit ensures that heat can escape your home to keep it cooler.

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