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6 Signs You Need Heat Pump Repairs

You definitely don’t want your day ruined by a failing heater. That’s why we want to encourage you to follow your gut instinct to get ahead of trouble.

One of the best ways to prevent issues with your heat pump is through expert maintenance. This allows one of our technicians to check out your system and address issues before they escalate. Not every problem will be preventable. At some point or another, you’ll need to schedule heat pump repair in Campbell County, WY.

Here’s how to tell it’s time to make the call.

1. It’s Noisy

Is your heater making some new sounds? This isn’t a sign that it’s learning new tricks! Strange new sounds from a heater usually denote a problem. For example, a rattling noise could indicate loose parts or a loose blower door. Or perhaps a screeching noise developed which indicates a dry blower motor belt. Don’t ignore a noisy heater–reach out for repairs before your system breaks down and goes silent.

2. It Never Turns Off

You turned on your heater this morning and now you’re having lunch and it’s still running. This means that your system has a problem that needs addressing. If your heater runs nonstop it may be due to a thermostat malfunction or a problem with the heating elements. This uses up a lot of energy so make sure to have this issue checked out ASAP.

3. It Short Cycles

On the opposite end of things, what does it mean when your heater turns on and off in ever-shorter spurts of time? This is known as short cycling and indicates a problem in your heater just as much as if the system never shuts off. Short cycling isn’t a sign that your heater is working faster–if anything, it’s a sign that it’s headed toward an early replacement. Get a short cycling system addressed before this happens!

4. It’s Increasing Your Energy Bills

How steady have your energy bills been? Extreme hikes in your monthly bills are a sign of trouble that we are sure you’d rather avoid. If you notice a large increase in your monthly heating bills that don’t match your usage then it’s a good reason to call for repairs.

5. It Causes Circuit Trips Often

You turn your heater on only to have it shut down shortly after it kicks on. Then you have to hoof it all the way to your circuit box to flip the circuit that was tripped. This is a problem that occurs almost regularly now and it means your heater is in trouble. Frequent circuit trips may indicate a big malfunction in the electrical components or a risk of overheating.

6. It’s Producing Cold Air

The heater is running and there’s air exiting the vents, but there’s no warmth to be found. A heater that is blowing cold air is one that is having issues with its ability to actually create heat. But that won’t cost you any less money! Make sure to contact our pros to resolve this issue.

Having trouble with your heater? Don’t hesitate to schedule heat pump repairs from the team at Climate Solutions, Inc. The trusted source for all your heating and cooling needs.

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