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3 Reasons to Get Your Furnace Maintenance Done Now

Having a working heater in our area is absolutely crucial, especially on the coldest days of winter. When you schedule a furnace tune-up now, you can rest easy for the entire fall and winter seasons knowing that your heater is ready to keep your home warm without any hiccups.

It’s time to schedule this valuable HVAC service in Campbell County, WY. Putting off a furnace maintenance appointment or skipping out on one completely will only lead to problems in the future. You may even be left calling us in the middle of winter with an emergency breakdown. You can keep reading to learn more about why you want to get your furnace maintenance completed now instead of waiting until later in the season.

You May Be Waiting Later On

As we get further into fall and winter, we will receive more and more calls for furnace service. This is because the colder the weather gets, the more necessary it is to have a working heater. When you schedule your service now ahead of the busy season, you can make an appointment on your terms. 

Putting off service until you absolutely need it means that you may be waiting on an appointment. Plus, putting off service can mean that you end up waiting until your system breaks down completely, making it an emergency call instead of a regular service call. And let’s face it, emergency appointments are never convenient. It’s better to plan ahead than to be caught by surprise. 

Problems Can Worsen

The thing about a heater tune-up is that our goal is to address minor issues inside your furnace before they worsen too much. By the time you notice signs of something being wrong, the problem is likely already significant. By scheduling service now you can prevent problems from getting worse. But when you put off service, by the time you schedule an appointment, you’ll have a much greater repair need to address. 

Instead of replacing a loose fan belt, you may be replacing one that snapped in half and knocked around your heater, causing additional damage in the process. And like we already mentioned, putting off service for too long can lead to a complete heater breakdown that is often more expensive and time-consuming to address.

Long-Term Considerations

You also want to consider the entire lifespan of your heater. When you put off service and problems get worse, you can always make repairs later on. However, many problems can leave long-term damage to your heater that cannot be reversed by a simple repair. The strain on your heater can shorten its lifespan so that it doesn’t last your family as long. 

The average lifespan for a heater is somewhere between 10-15 years, depending on the type of heater you have and how well you care for it. Heaters may last closer to 6-8 if they are under a lot of strain because of unaddressed repairs and no maintenance. Addressing problems early can potentially help your heater reach that 15-year mark.

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