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Get Expert Repairs If Your Heater Makes These 6 Noises

Monday, November 22nd, 2021

You are going about your day when your heater starts to rattle. It starts out in brief spurts and then becomes more consistent. After a few days, it gets louder and more pronounced. Then the rattling stops…because it has been replaced by clanging.

As you can guess, these are two noises you don’t want to hear coming from your heater. No heater runs silently but they shouldn’t make a ruckus either. Knowing what noises are normal and what noises are cause for concern can be a great way to determine if and when you should reach out for professional heating repairs in Gillette, WY.

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4 Safety Tips To Remember When Running Your Heater

Monday, November 8th, 2021

Modern heating systems are made to be as safe as possible. However, this doesn’t mean that they will always remain that way. Your heating system is built to run effectively, efficiently, and safely but it can become unsafe due to the stresses of age and regular usage. We tell you this not to worry you but to ensure that you are aware of what can happen with a system that is struggling.

Our goal is to make sure you can stay warm and safe throughout the coldest months of the year. Our heating services in Gillette, WY are able to keep your heater as safe as possible. However, it is best to do everything possible to keep your heater, your home, and your health, safe.

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4 Signs You Need a New Heater

Monday, October 25th, 2021

It is getting colder by the day and you know this for a fact because you can’t seem to heat the house. No matter how long you run your heater, it never seems to make a dent in your indoor temperatures. You are cold and rightfully frustrated. That heater is supposed to keep the home warm during this time of year so why isn’t it doing its job?

The truth is that you likely have a heater that simply isn’t capable of heating much of anything anymore. If that is the case, then you need to get a replacement for your heating system in Gillette, WY. Check for these warning signs that your heater is on its way out and then reach out to us to get started on your upgrade.

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Improve Your Comfort With an Upgraded Thermostat

Monday, October 11th, 2021

If your heater is the body of your HVAC system, then your thermostat is the brain. And without the brain, the body can’t really do much of anything!

An effective and reliable thermostat is necessary for getting the most from your heating system. And trust us when we say that any inadequacies with your thermostat that you are noticing now will become far more apparent as the months go on and the temperatures drop even further.

If you have a thermostat that is not operating properly it means it is time to invest in an upgrade. Let’s look at what the signs are that an upgrade is needed and what your options are for your next thermostat in Gillette, WY.

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4 Signs Your Furnace Needs Expert Help

Monday, September 27th, 2021

It may not feel like it during the day but temperatures are definitely starting to head south for the cooler months of the year. You are likely reminded of this whenever you step outside after the sun sets though! If you haven’t started already you were likely going to be using your furnace in the near future.

It is our hope that you have already knocked out maintenance for the system. Whether or not you have, you’ll want to be on the alert for any potential signs of trouble from your furnace. Whether you have a gas-powered furnace or an all-electric one, as your system ages, it’s going to encounter more repair needs. Whether this is your first repair or your third, you need to be able to get it addressed as promptly as possible. To do this you need to know what the warning signs are of a furnace repair in Gillette, WY. Here are the signs to know.

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Get Your Home Cold-Weather Ready Today

Monday, September 13th, 2021

It may not feel like it just yet but things will be cooling down in the near future. When the temperature drops enough and sweaters and cozy pants aren’t enough, you’ll want to keep your home warm for the sake of your comfort. Don’t wait until you are overly cold to make sure that your home can keep warm. Waiting until the last minute is never a good idea, whether it involves your comfort or your homework.

That said, where do you start when preparing for the cold weather to come? You can start with the tips we’ve listed below to make sure that your home is ready to keep you warm on a cold day.

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