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How to Keep Furnace Vents Clear of Snow and Ice


One of the best ways to ensure your furnace can work at its best all season long is to maximize airflow. Without adequate airflow into and out of the system, furnace operation is negatively impacted from start to finish. Your furnace is more likely to overheat and may not be able to move heated air into your home. But you can stay ahead of these problems with a few simple homeowner care steps. Then if you have any concerns you can give us a call for furnace repairs in Campbell County, WY. In the meantime, keep reading to learn our tips for maintaining furnace vents to prevent snow and ice buildup.

Importance of Good Airflow

When your furnace doesn’t have a good airflow and exhaust air gets trapped in the system, it can lead to high internal temperatures. When it comes to your furnace, there is hot and then there is too hot. If your furnace overheats, it will shut down in the middle of a cycle to allow time for the temperature to lower back down before attempting to heat your home again. 

Plus, trapped exhaust air can end up mixing in with the clean air that blows out into your home. The exhaust air is channeling carbon monoxide away from your home, so when these fumes mix in with clean air, it can be detrimental to your family’s health.

Clearing Away Snow, Ice, and Frost

It is important to stay on top of snow and ice buildup so that it never gets too significant. You can gently scrape it away, or even use some warm water or a hair blow dryer to melt particularly thick buildup. For the easiest maintenance, check the exhaust vent every day when temperatures are at their lowest especially when it is snowing outside. Otherwise, you can check the exhaust fans less frequently during the winter, like once a week.

When ice and snow are not a concern, frost may still cause problems. Moisture can develop into frost which creates a thick layer around the exhaust vent. Use the same methods that you use for ice and snow to clear away frost. Be patient and gentle as you work so that you don’t inadvertently damage the vent exiting your home. 

After clearing away frost, ice, or snow, you also want to use a flashlight to look inside the exhaust vent as far as you can see. If there is a buildup that you can’t address on your own, you can give our team a call for help. Keep in mind that preventative action will go a long way toward keeping ice and snow from building up too much around the exhaust vent. 

Restarting Your Furnace

Your furnace may shut down because of a blocked exhaust vent. When this happens, it’s a safety precaution to keep your furnace from overheating and posing fire hazards for your home. Please reference the user manual that came with your furnace for instructions on how to restart it safely. If you don’t have the manual, you can search online for your furnace’s brand and serial number for more information. 

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