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Is a Whole-House Air Purifier Worth the Investment?


If you’ve been thinking about the quality of air inside your home, you may be considering investing in a whole-house air purifier. These systems are an excellent solution for maintaining a high level of indoor air quality around the clock all year long.

But you may be wondering if it is really worth the investment. Is your indoor air quality in Campbell County, WY really that bad? The answer is most likely yes. You can keep reading to learn more about some of the harmful particles that may be in the air and how a whole-house air purifier can make a positive difference.

Potential Contaminants in the Air

There are all sorts of contaminants in the air inside your home. You may take a deep breath and feel like the air is just fine. It doesn’t have any particular odor and contaminants don’t really worry you too much. But did you know that pollution inside your home can actually be five times as bad as the pollution outside of your home? 

This is because particles get trapped and re-circulate again and again, even as you’re bringing in new particles on your body and clothes. The air around your home may be filled with viruses, bacteria, allergens, chemicals, bad odors, and even car pollution. There are a variety of risks associated with indoor air pollution. 

You’re more likely to get sick as bacteria and viruses re-circulate through the air. You’re also more likely to suffer from allergy symptoms. It’s easy to think that your indoor air quality is not that bad. However, an indoor air quality test can offer you a concrete answer that allows you to make an educated decision about whether or not an indoor air purifier is right for you.

How an Air Purifier Works

Whole-house air purifiers are placed inside the ductwork, where they attach to your HVAC system. The air purifier cleans all of the air that passes into the ductwork before blowing the rest of the way into your home, ensuring that 100% of the air is purified.

There are UV air purifiers that use powerful UV light to neutralize particles or an air purifier with a heavy-duty HEPA filter that captures particles so they cannot pass the rest of the way through the system. Either type of air purifier is an excellent solution for cleaning your air. These units work around the clock to keep your air free from harmful contaminants.

Care Tips

Perhaps the greatest thing about whole-house air purifiers is that you don’t have to do anything to help them operate or keep them clean. Instead, you just have to change out the filter or UV light once each year, which our team can help with. Aside from that, you can just take steps to help your HVAC system operate at its best. 

Keep up with vacuuming to eliminate the number of particles that are entering the system at the intake grate where your air filter is located. You can also be sure to change out the air filter before it gets too clogged with dust particles to ensure optimal airflow into the system.

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