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The Impact of Duct Leaks

When you think about sealing up leaks, you’re likely imagining stopping water from leaking out of a faucet or pipe in your home. These aren’t the only kinds of leaks that you should be checking for.

Duct leaks can impact any home that uses a ducted HVAC system. Just because it can happen to anybody though doesn’t mean it isn’t a serious problem. Much like how you want to address a leaking pipe as soon as you discover it, you should seal leaky ducts quickly too.

Leave the duct tape in the garage. We’ll give you the information you need on how to resolve that leaky duct problem the right way.

Why a Duct Leak Is a Big Deal

A leak in your ducts isn’t going to create a water damage risk the way a pipe leak would. This doesn’t mean that leaky ducts aren’t a problem though.

Over the years, regular expansion and contraction will take their toll on your ducts, leading to small cracks or splits in the metal. Even though they’re small, the leaks can allow up to 30% of the temperature-controlled air that your HVAC system creates to escape into unused areas such as your crawlspace or attic. This can lead to a problem with your home comfort level along with higher heating and cooling costs.

It’s important to remember that a duct leak isn’t just an issue during the heating season. If this problem goes unaddressed, it will plague you when you are trying to keep the house cool in the summer too. Plus, all the extra energy that is lost will increase your energy bills and cut into your budget for fun experiences throughout the year!

Addressing Ducts Leak Effectively

When your ductwork starts to develop leaks, the issue will only worsen over time. That is why you should address any leaks with prompt duct sealing in Campbell County WY.

Before you do this though, you’ll need to have a professional check whether or not there are leaks to fix. This can be done through professional duct testing. Performed with the right tools, this can help a technician determine the condition of your ducts and just how many leaks there are to seal.

After testing is completed, your technician can provide professional sealing. Whether there is one leak or many, our sealing methods will help close them completely. This will ensure that all of the air your heater and air conditioner create end up in your home, where it belongs.

One final note: don’t try to handle duct leaks with duct tape. Despite the name, this tape won’t help your ductwork and, if used, will actually cause more damage to your ducts in the long run.

If you are battling with your home comfort and energy bills, don’t forget to have your ductwork checked. You can come to our team to handle duct testing, sealing, and even duct replacement if needed.

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