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Distinct Warning Signs of Furnace Repair Needs

Winter is here and the cold weather is keeping us indoors as often as possible. This means you need your heater to operate at its best right now. The problem is, it may not be able to. If your heater is struggling to do its job in spite of something, it can be like trying to work while you are sick–the work getting done is subpar and the illness only gets worse.

Let’s avoid letting the problem get worse! If your furnace is struggling, make sure you know the warning signs to watch for. That way you can get a furnace repair in Campbell County, WY promptly before it gets worse or your furnace gives out completely.

What Are the Warning Signs of a Furnace in Need of Repairs?

If your furnace stops heating your home, it obviously needs repairs. But what are the other warning signs that your system is in serious trouble? Some distinct warning signs of a malfunctioning furnace can include any of the following.

The Smell of Rotten Eggs or Sulfur

We start here because this is a warning sign that anyone who uses a gas furnace really needs to know about. Natural gas is naturally colorless and odorless, but it is also deadly if it enters your home. Gas companies add a chemical to the gas that they supply so that if a gas leak develops, you’ll smell rotten eggs or sulfur. If you’re running your furnace and notice this smell in your home, it’s best to turn your system off and call a professional ASAP.

Booming Noises

You turn on your furnace and hear the click as it registers that it’s time to warm the house. After a minute or so you hear a loud BOOM and then feel heat flowing through the house. It’s an odd sound to encounter but not one to brush off.

What may have happened is something has hindered the ignition of your furnace’s fuel source, allowing gas to build up in the system. When that gas finally ignites, it essentially creates a small explosion, complete with a booming sound. As you can guess, this puts a strain on your system and can lead to big repair needs down the road.

Buzzing Sounds

When your furnace runs, you may notice a continual buzzing noise. If that concerns you, then your instincts are sharp. At the minimum, buzzing may indicate a clogged air filter that is messing with the airflow through the furnace.

In most cases, however, buzzing more likely indicates gas escaping through a crack in your heat exchanger, warm air escaping through a duct leak, or an issue with your system’s electrical components. For a gas leak, turn the system off and call for immediate repairs.

When you run your furnace, you should know how it usually sounds. That is why you shouldn’t ignore those new sounds. Being on alert for strange noises can help you address an issue before it causes a breakdown.

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