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The Problem With a Condensate Drain Clog

There are so many moving parts in your air conditioner that sometimes it is easy to forget some of the ones that work by just being there. A prime example of this is your air filter, which sits in your return air duct and prevents debris from entering your system. It doesn’t move or make noise but that filter can provide a huge amount of assistance to your AC unit as long as you continue to take care of it.

There is another aspect of your air conditioner that you need to keep tabs on–the condensate drain. This handles the moisture that is condensed during the cooling process. Not sure how this works or why it is important to keep your condensate drain in good condition? We’ve got the information you need here along with the services to keep your system running properly (even the parts that don’t run!)

What to Know About AC Condensation

Your air conditioner doesn’t use water to get your home cool (unless you use an evaporative cooler but that is a whole other subject). That said, your AC does create condensation while cooling the air that is blown throughout your home.

There is moisture that is present in the air at all times. Air that didn’t have any moisture would be beyond uncomfortable. The thing is, when your air conditioner pulls heat out of the air in your home, it all causes that airborne moisture to condense. The condensed water then gathers and drips off of the evaporator coil and into what’s known as a condensate pan, eventually being drained away through a condensate drain.

Why Your Condensate Drain Clogs

Let’s discuss how the drain responsible for handling your system condensation can get clogged.

Moisture isn’t the only stuff that is a part of the air processed in your air conditioner, dust and other debris are there too. It can take a while, but dust and other airborne contaminants can collect on the evaporator coil and be carried into the condensate pan and drain too. As more condensation flows through the drain, more debris will eventually get into the pipe too. Much like a kitchen sink drain, this debris can collect in the pipe and create a clog.

The Problems Created By a Clogged Condensate Drain

Your condensate pan is pretty shallow so if a clog forms in the condensate drain line, the pan will fill up with water and overflow pretty quickly. This can lead to water damage in the home and even create a risk of mold or mildew growth.

How Maintenance Helps

Clogged condensate drains can happen to anyone but they are largely preventable with regular maintenance. Condensate drain checks are a part of the multi-point check that your professional technician will do and, if they notice any blockages, they’ll make sure to clear them out to help prevent trouble. And that is just one of the many ways that a tune-up can help keep your AC running properly!

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