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Why You Shouldn’t DIY Duct Sealing

Over time, the seals along your network of ducts can break down, leading to air leaks. Instead of cooled air reaching the walls of your home, it escapes through holes in your ductwork. This can increase your energy bills and leave you less than comfortable.

While duct sealing is a very worthwhile investment, it is not a project that you want to DIY. Instead, you should invest in professional duct sealing services to ensure that the job is done right. If you need duct sealants in Campbell County, WY, our team can help. Keep reading to learn more about why you should leave duct sealing to our expert team of professionals. 

Testing Tools

You may have all the best intentions in the world when you try to DIY a duct sealing job. However, you don’t have the right tools to test your ductwork and figure out where the holes are. There’s a good chance that you will seal areas that are already secured and miss holes altogether.  

Our team has a method for pressurizing your ductwork by making it airtight so that we can determine how much air is being lost. We can also pinpoint holes by examining the seals while the pressurized air is blowing through. This helps us to seal problem areas precisely without any guesswork. 

Hard-to-Reach Areas

A lot of the ductwork in your attic is in hard-to-reach places. If you’re not used to climbing around insulation and knowing where to step, you could do more damage than good. You may end up needing to call our team anyway, and this time with a larger repair project than you started with. 

There’s also a chance that ductwork could shift around while you are attempting your DIY repairs. Ductwork shifting is a problem because the layout was originally designed specifically for your home. Ductwork has to be precisely connected so that airflow is optimized into the rooms of your home. If there is too much of a bend in any line, airflow may get trapped in your ductwork instead of reaching the rooms of your home. 

Sealing Supplies

Our team has access to all of the best sealing supplies. If you attempt to seal ductwork on your own, you may not be using the best sealant materials to do so. Many homeowners turn to duct tape or something similar, but that is a much more temporary solution. You may be left with the same problem again in the months and years ahead.

Peace of Mind

There are a lot of home improvement DIY projects that you can take on yourself. But when it comes to anything with your air conditioner, you want to be sure the work is done right. When you seal your own ducts, you may be left wondering if it really helped. But when you invest in professional duct sealing services, you also get the peace of mind that your ducts are completely sealed and that the results will last for a long time to come.

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