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Heat Pump Not Heating? We Can Find Out Why

Heat pumps can sometimes seem so technologically advanced that we forget they can encounter trouble too. This can become glaringly apparent if your heat pump is suddenly able to do only half of its job.

When your heat pump is set to heating mode, you’d be right to be confused when it ends up blowing room temperature air, or even cold air, around the house. In this instance, you have a problem on your hands that likely requires help from an expert technician.

When you can’t get your heat pump to heat your home, come to our team for your heat pump repair in Gillette. We can handle the core issue and restore your system’s full functionality again.

Curious about what is stopping your heat pump from doing its job? The answer may be any of the following issues.

The reversing valve is stuck

The reversing valve is the part of your heat pump system that allows it to switch from cooling mode to heating mode and vice versa. If the reversing valve wears out and becomes stuck or breaks, it will stop your heat pump from being able to switch modes, leaving you cold in the winter or hot in the summer. This requires expert repairs to resolve.

There is a refrigerant problem

Refrigerant is the substance that allows your heat pump to move heat out of the house in summer or into the house in the winter. At any time of year, a refrigerant leak causing problems is a problem that shouldn’t be ignored. The more refrigerant that escapes, the less likely the system will be able to do its job and the more likely it will be to sustain additional, and more expensive damage.

There isn’t enough air passing through the system

If there is an airflow issue impacting your heat pump, there is a chance that you may be able to solve it with a filter change. That’s why we recommend checking your heat pump filter regularly and changing it if it is too dirty. Aside from this solution though, other airflow issues are going to require professional repairs to resolve.

If a filter change doesn’t fix your airflow issues, it may indicate that your heat pump has a broken fan, an issue with the blower motor, or a leak in your ductwork.

The heat pump is short cycling

The system turns on and then back off within a short span of time. This doesn’t allow the heat pump to impact the temperature in the home in any way. It also is going to increase the wear and tear on your heat pump, increasing repair needs and tanking its energy efficiency. Caused by issues like a refrigerant leak, you’ll need to have a short cycling heat pump repaired ASAP.

Understanding the cause of the problem is just part of the solution. The other part is knowing that, aside from a filter change, you’ll need a professional to address any of the causes that we’ve listed here.

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