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4 Signs Your Furnace Needs Expert Help

It may not feel like it during the day but temperatures are definitely starting to head south for the cooler months of the year. You are likely reminded of this whenever you step outside after the sun sets though! If you haven’t started already you were likely going to be using your furnace in the near future.

It is our hope that you have already knocked out maintenance for the system. Whether or not you have, you’ll want to be on the alert for any potential signs of trouble from your furnace. Whether you have a gas-powered furnace or an all-electric one, as your system ages, it’s going to encounter more repair needs. Whether this is your first repair or your third, you need to be able to get it addressed as promptly as possible. To do this you need to know what the warning signs are of a furnace repair in Gillette, WY. Here are the signs to know.

These 4 Signs Indicate You Need Furnace Repairs

If you notice any of these indicators of trouble make sure to reach out to a professional furnace technician as soon as you can for repairs.

  1. Concerning noises: The most concerning one of these is going to be a booming noise, which indicates that there is a delay in the ignition of the gas in your furnace. As you can imagine, this is going to put some extra strain on your system. Other noises that you don’t want to hear coming from your furnace include hissing, buzzing, rattling, and clanging.
  2. Poor heating: If your furnace is not able to adequately heat your home, this is definitely an indicator of trouble. Perhaps the issue lies with your thermostat or it could be a deeper issue within your furnace. And either case if your furnace cannot keep your home warm on a cold day, it is time to call in a pro to check things out.
  3. Bad smells: Let’s say you turn on your heater and get a brief scent of burning dust. This usually is not something to worry about. However, if you are using your furnace and start to notice that there is a consistent scent of burning dust, burning electrical parts, or even the smell of gas it is best to turn off your furnace and reach out for help immediately.
  4. Difficulty starting your furnace or keeping it running: If you notice that your furnace seems to struggle to turn on it is likely that the system needs professional repairs. Likewise, if you are noticing that the system is running in shortened cycles, meaning it only heats the home for a few minutes before turning off and then on again, this also means you will need to get the system checked.

While you can prevent a majority of furnace repairs with regular maintenance, every system needs expert repairs eventually. Take the stress out of the equation by coming to our team for your system needs.

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