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Get Your Heater Fixed Before Family Arrives

Trying to think of something great to do to make the holidays a little more special this year? Whether you are hosting just a couple of friends for a holiday meal or you are preparing for a flood of family members, you will want to make sure the house is prepared! We have an idea that can help.

Get ahead of the rush by scheduling heating repairs in Campbell County, WY now, before your family complains about the cold. Here are some warning signs that you can check for that will alert you to the need for repairs.

5 Signs That You Need Heater Repairs

Is your heater in trouble? If you notice any of the following warning signs, chances are that you should schedule repairs today before your system shuts down when you least expect it to.

1. The heater has started to make odd sounds

No heater runs silently but there are plenty of noises a heater should not make. These sounds can include rattling, screeching, hissing, bubbling, clanging, and buzzing or humming. If you start noticing that there are new sounds that your heater has started to make then it is best to have your system checked out before things worsen.

2. Your energy bills are spiking

How are those monthly energy bills looking lately? Using your heater regularly will, of course, have an impact on your energy bills. However, if you notice large increases in your bills that don’t match your heater usage, it may indicate a problem with your system. A heater that is struggling to get the job done is going to eat up extra energy and fuel to try to heat the house.

3. There is weaker airflow in one or more parts of the house

The next time you can, walk around the house and see how strong the airflow is throughout the space. If you notice one or more areas where there is weaker airflow, then it may be a good idea to have your system checked out. There could be problems with your blower fans, air handlers, or even your ductwork.

4. The air your heater is producing is cold

On the other side of things, perhaps you have even, steady airflow throughout the house but the temperature of the air is just plain cold. If this is the case you absolutely need to have your system repaired as there can be one of any number of issues with the heating elements of the system.

5. Your heater is cycling irregularly

The normal heating cycle should last around 15 minutes of home heating before the system shuts down. A heater that seems to run nonstop throughout the day, or, on the other hand, short cycles and shuts itself down after a few brief minutes, is one that needs help. There may be an issue with the thermostat, electrical connection, or another problem.

If you notice these or other issues with your heater, then you should reach out soon to get your system fixed by a trained professional.

Contact Climate Solutions, Inc. to schedule your heating system repairs. The trusted source for all your heating and cooling needs.

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