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What To Look For In a New Commercial Heater

Living through a cold winter season in our area is made a lot easier with a reliable heater keeping things livable. You should want to make sure that your commercial space is outfitted with a trustworthy heater too. After all, a cold commercial space can slow production and slow down business.

If you’ve discovered that winter is fast approaching and your commercial heating system is on a fast decline, then it is time to make some changes. Reach out today to schedule your commercial heating installation in Campbell County, WY, and talk to one of our technicians about your options for your next system.

What Factors To Look For In a New Heater

You are involved in your business so it makes sense that you want to be at least somewhat involved in getting your new commercial heater selected. While we’d advise leaving the installation to us, we understand that you want as much information as possible.

These are the factors that you’ll need to consider when selecting your next system:

  • Fuel source: Does your commercial space have a pre-existing gas line connection? Or is there a gas line connection that you can opt to hook up to your next heater? Your answer can help you decide between an all-electric system or one that uses natural gas as a fuel.
  • Facility size: You want to make sure that, whichever type of heater you want, you opt for one that is the right size. Getting an oversized or undersized heater can wreck your system’s performance and efficiency.
  • Radiant or Forced Air: You may want to figure out if you want a forced-air heater such as a heat pump or furnace, or a radiant heating system. If you already have existing ductwork or existing radiators, it may be good to stick with what you had previously depending on your budget and needs.

Your Commercial Heater Options

If you know what you want in a heater for your commercial space and you know your budget, then it may be time to talk to a technician about choosing and installing that next heater. You can select from any of the following options:

  • A commercial furnace: We install gas-powered and all-electric systems.
  • Heat pump systems: Great for anyone in need of a good heater now and a great air conditioner in the summer.
  • Geothermal heat pumps: A pricier installation but well worth it, these systems use the stable temperature in the earth’s crust to keep your space warm in a highly efficient manner.
  • Radiant heaters: Not interested in a forced air heater? Then a radiant heater may be the perfect match for you.

When it comes to getting a new heater for your commercial space, time is of the essence. Leaving your storefront or officer space too cold can really undermine operations. That’s why it pays to work with a professional to get the job done.

Contact the experts at Climate Solutions, Inc. to schedule the installation of your new commercial heater. The trusted source for all your heating and cooling needs.

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