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Repair or Replace? Answering the Question Your Heater Has You Asking

One thing is for sure: your heater is acting up. Maybe it is just too noisy or perhaps you are barely getting any heat to speak of. This definitely justifies a call to a professional technician for help but you aren’t sure what to call them for. Is this a fixable issue? Or should you just go straight for a replacement?

These are important questions to ask because repairs versus replacement are vastly different experiences. What’s more, you don’t want to waste your money going with the wrong choice! To help, we’ve provided a quick guide to help you differentiate between times when you need to have your heater repaired and when it is better to get a heating system replacement in Gillette.

You Should Schedule Repairs for Your Heater When…

These are some of the indicators to watch for that will alert you to a repair need in your heater.

  • Your heater is making some strange sounds. The sound of the whoosh of hot air into your home is normal. Rattling, screeching, booming, hissing, and clanging are not. New, concerning sounds from your heater should prompt a call for repairs.
  • There are cold spots in the house. It might be a hallway or a room in the house that just won’t warm up but ultimately it is a sign of a problem with your heating system, possibly even a problem in your ductwork.
  • Your energy bills have been increasing. A heater that is struggling is going to get costly really quickly. Those energy bills showing an increase each month shouldn’t be ignored. Use them as a way to figure out if you need to schedule repairs.

Schedule a Heater Replacement Instead If…

If these warning signs sound familiar, repairs aren’t going to cut it.

  • Your heater needs frequent repairs. How often do you need repairs? If you need to call in the pros once every few years, then your system is probably doing okay. If you need repairs on a yearly, or even almost yearly basis, then you should plan for a heater replacement sooner than later.
  • The system can’t produce any heat. If you have a heater that seems unable to produce heat no matter what anyone does, then what you have in your home is an overly expensive fan. There is no point keeping around a heater that isn’t able to do the key part of its job.
  • The heater has simply gotten too old. If you can, check the date of manufacture on your heater and do some quick math. If your heater is around 10 years old and acting up, you may need to talk to a technician about a replacement in the near future. If your heater is closer to 15 years old or more, you absolutely need to get your system upgraded.

Still not entirely sure what to do? That’s okay! Our team is here to help. Ultimately, you can always rely on our experts to properly diagnose the situation and be upfront and honest about what the best course of action for your home will be.

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