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These Sounds Mean Your Heater Is Struggling

When your car starts to make loud noises and exhibits poor operation, we would hope that you would not ignore it. These are indicators that your car is struggling. Similarly, when your heater starts to develop some new sounds during its operation and you notice that it is not functioning as well as it should, then this system likely needs a helping hand.

A heater repair in Gilette, WY isn’t something to put off, even if warmer weather is creeping closer to us. You deserve a heater that functions properly for however much longer you use it this spring. What’s more, taking care of any late-season repairs now ensures you can start your heater up in the fall with no stress.

Reach out to our team for repairs if and when your heater starts to make any of these sounds.

1. Hissing

No matter what kind of heater you have you don’t want to hear it hissing. In a heat pump, hissing may indicate that there is a problem with airflow into or out of your system which will impact its ability to warm up your home and will also drive up energy bills.

Hissing is especially problematic in a gas furnace. Hissing from a furnace may indicate a gas leak is present due to a crack in your system’s heat exchanger. If you hear hissing and notice the smell of sulfur or rotten eggs, make sure to turn off your furnace immediately and contact a professional for repairs.

2. Screeching

A heater that is screeching or screaming during operation is going to be hard to ignore. If anything, that pays off because it often encourages people to address the repair need behind it more quickly! In many cases, a screeching noise coming from your heater indicates a broken or loose fan blade that is scraping around its metal housing OR a dry blower motor belt that requires lubrication or replacement.

3. Rattling or Clanging

When you run your heater does it sound like something is shaking around inside of it? If so, it is time to talk to a repair technician to take a look at your heater. Rattling may be a sign that you have a loose part vibrating or shaking within its housing, such as a loose bolt or screw. Clanging on the other hand is going to be an indicator that a loose part has completely broken free and is now bouncing around within your heater. In either case, you want a professional to come out and address the noise quickly.

Whatever noise you’re heater may have started to make it is worthwhile to have a professional take a look at the system. You don’t want to just try to get by with subpar heating and strange noises until the end of the season. Whatever doesn’t get taken care of now is going to impact your ability to stay comfortable come fall.

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